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Los Angeles Window Tinting Professionals

We are thrilled to offer expert window tinting services to our Los Angeles CA clients. Our tint technicians pride themselves on first class work and keen attention to detail. The top-notch window tinting products we use have been selected with you in mind. A professional glosslifetime warranty and 99.9% UV rejection rate are among the reasons why our window tinting has gained high customer satisfaction in Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles Car Detailing Experts

Enjoy our specialty auto detailing services by elite Los Angeles technicians. Your vehicle will be pampered with the finest products available - car wax, shampoo, steam cleaning and more!
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Los Angeles Service Area
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Automotive, Commercial & Residential Window Tinting in Los Angeles

Detail Wiz is proud to offer world class automotive, commercial and residential window tinting services in Los Angeles CA.

Automotive Window Tinting

When it comes to car window tinting, never settle for second best. Our hand-selected automotive tint providers possess both the skill and experience to impress even the savviest of clients. Whether it's for heat protection, aesthetics or just privacy, we have a car tint solution for you.

Commercial Window Tinting

Our storefront and office window tinting solutions are provided by some of the most skilled individuals in the industry. We understand that when it comes to saving on energy costs, or simply making a great impression, even the smallest details matter. See why our commercial tint providers stand above the rest.

Residential Window Tinting

Your goal may be to reduce heat, save on cooling, privacy or simply decorative. No matter what, our providers have home window tinting solutions specifically for your needs. We're proud to say that our providers can be counted among the elite tier of residential tinting specialists.

FREE Mobile Services in Los Angeles

Take advantage of our mobile window tinting and car detailing services, complimentary to you. Forget the waiting room. Let us send world class tinting and detailing technicians directly to your door!
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